Do You Have to Cite Grounds in a FL Divorce?

Posted on : July 25, 2018

Understanding issues and citing grounds in Florida divorce is required. While every divorce case is different, the support of an experienced Naples divorce attorney is instrumental in clarifying issues as well as expectations.  

Florida recognizes no-fault divorces, which means that you only have to cite that there are irreconcilable differences between you and your spouse.  This is a statement that the marriage is irretrievably broken. Thus, if only one spouse wants the divorce and the other does not, one can still move forward because there is no fault necessary.

While every married couple has different circumstances and has different relationships with children, there are many common issues that must be addressed in order to fully settle your case. These include determining how much time children will spend with you and your spouse, whether or not payments or receipt of child support or spousal support will occur, how the marital debts and liabilities will be distributed, how marital properties and assets will be distributed, and how attorneys’ fees will be managed.  

The more prepared you are, and the more conversations you have had with an attorney who has walked through each phase, the easier it will be to file for divorce and ideally settle your matter. For example, you must plead and ask for certain things at the offset of your case in the initial Petition or Counter Petition or you may not be able to request for those things later, such as alimony or sole parental decision making.  Since each case is different, you can always benefit from working with a lawyer who understands the most crucial issues and how they affect your end result.

The support of an experienced Florida divorce attorney helps you to avoid mistakes in your case and clarifies what you can expect so there are no unfortunate surprises or missed opportunities.

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