Florida Divorce Tips: Avoiding the Sunshine State’s Biggest Mistakes

Posted on : May 9, 2018
Florida Divorce Tips

Divorces Tips For The Sunshine State

The three biggest mistakes made in Florida divorces can all be easily avoided with the help of a lawyer. Anyone who’s approaching the prospect of getting a divorce in Florida will be curious about how to avoid mistakes and errors that could prove problematic later on.  There are critical choices that must be made at the outset of your case including the selection of your appropriate Naples divorce attorney.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Your Naples divorce lawyer will play a crucial role in helping you to avoid costly mistakes now and down the road.  There are three major mistakes that people often make in divorce cases in Naples. The first involves negotiating without a frame of reference.  When you attempt to resolve particular issues in your divorce informally, you must have a good perspective about the typical way that issue is handled under the law by the judge if you’re unable to resolve it outside of court.  You have to realize that you may be better off making an agreement than ending up worse off in Court.

Fair Settlement

Your Naples divorce lawyer can also help you understand the overall process so that you understand it and end up with a reasonable and fair settlement.  You should never take legal advice presented by your spouse or your spouse’s attorney. Remember that you must have someone in your corner advocating for your best interests, and this cannot be done without the support of you hiring your own attorney.  Protect yourself, and your future. This can be done by doing your research, being prepared, and getting your ducks in a row. Financial interests are up for stake, as well additional family-related matters, including critical time with your children.


The final mistake that many people make in Florida divorce cases is putting children in the middle of adult issues.  Many mental health professionals agree that children will experience fewer negative consequences during a divorce if parents shield the children from discussions of adult issues such as division of property and child support.  

Get Help

If you wish to avoid many of the most common mistakes made in Florida divorces, you will want to schedule a consultation with an experienced Florida divorce lawyer in Naples sooner rather than later.  

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