You’re Getting a Divorce — Now What?

Posted on : June 23, 2017
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Deciding to divorce is not something done on a whim. It’s something that has required careful thought and a great deal of heartache. No one truly wants their marriage to end, but sometimes it’s the best option for all parties involved. If you’ve decided to get a divorce, you may be wondering what your next step should be. Find out now.

Consider Your Children

If you and your spouse have children, it’s important to put them first. Think of ways you can reduce the impact that the divorce will have on them. You may be able to do this through mediation, where you and your spouse compromise and agree on various issues regarding the divorce — this includes child custody, property division, and more. You can also help your children get through the difficulties of divorce by avoiding speaking negatively about your spouse in conversations with your children and allowing your children to maintain a meaningful relationship with your spouse.

Consider What Your Goals Are

Take some time to think about what you stand to gain in the divorce and what your goals are. Do you and your spouse have a great deal of assets and property? Do you stand to gain more from a contested divorce than a mediation? Also, what goals do you have for your divorce? Do you want to get the most you can to help you begin your new, independent life, or do you prefer to get the divorce over quickly without a lot of cost involved? Determine what your personal goals are and keep those in mind as you move forward through the process.

Consider Hiring a Divorce Attorney

Today, there are advertisements abound for “DIY divorces,” and they may seem like the least expensive and easiest way to dissolve your marriage and get on with your life. However, this do-it-yourself paperwork is missing the key ingredient — a divorce attorney who is looking out for your best interests.

A divorce lawyer is able to evaluate each aspect of your case and will help you better understand where you’re at and where you need to be going. Your lawyer will inform you of the legal issues you’re facing, your rights, and can give you the advice you need to make critical decisions that will affect your future and your family’s future. If you’ve decided on divorce, don’t wait to contact an attorney.

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