How Post-Nuptial Agreements Work

Posted on : January 4, 2018

Hope For The Best But Be Prepared For The Worst? What You Need To Know About Postnuptials.

Are you concerned about managing issues related to your marriage if something were to happen down the line? Whether put together before or after the marriage, sitting down with a family lawyer is recommended for anyone who wants to discuss these legal agreements.

A prenup may be your first opportunity to negotiate things down the line in your marriage or divorce but a post-nuptial agreement may be beneficial if you’re already married. Although prenuptial agreements are relatively widely known, post-nuptial agreements do not have as much publicity. With high profile celebrity divorces in the news, and maybe even witnessing this in your friends, you may start to wonder whether or not this could happen to you. This is where a postnuptial agreement provides beneficial protection for you and the other party.

A post-nup is very similar to a prenuptial agreement. It is an official written contract that spouses enter into to determine what will happen in the event of a separation or divorce. It helps to lay out what people can anticipate in the future and minimizes future conflict. Naples divorce attorney Kevyn Noonan was recently featured in a Women’s Health Mag article, talking about the benefits of a post-nuptial agreement.

After you’ve already gone through the wedding, you can still benefit from putting together an agreement to address a broad range of issues. Many people fall for the mistaken impression that you can only address these issues in a prenup. The post-nup agreement, however, can handle a lot of these concerns.

According to a recent study of divorce attorneys, the rate of post-nuptial agreements has increased in the past several years, as reported in an American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers research project. A post-nuptial agreement is most beneficial for the following situations:

  •      Protecting your assets if you are entering the marriage with significant ones.
  •      You are bringing in children from another marriage.
  •      One spouse is in trouble with potential criminal charges, drug addiction or a gambling problem.

Anyone can benefit from a post-nuptial agreement and a sit-down conversation with an experienced Naples divorce lawyer can help you draft a document in line with your needs.

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