How Can I Build a Healthy Co-Parenting Relationship With My Ex?

Posted on : September 18, 2020
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If you’re in the process of obtaining a divorce or separating from the other parent of your children, life can become quite hectic. When parents disagree on how to raise a child post-separation, this can make things even more difficult. Building a healthy co-parenting relationship is key to giving your child the best possible start after a split. Here’s what to do (and what not to do). 

Don’t Talk Badly About Your Ex In Front of Your Children 


Even though your ex may have irreparably hurt you during your relationship, they are still the other parent of your child. It’s in the best interests of your child to maintain a meaningful relationship with both their parents after a divorce, whether or not the parents get along with each other. You can help foster a good co-parenting relationship by refusing to speak ill of your ex in front of your children. Instead, build their other parent up in their eyes, even when it’s difficult to do. 

Mediate Issues Whenever Possible 


Mediation involves meeting with a neutral third party to discuss the issues of your divorce or separation outside of court. If you and your ex are amicable to mediating child custody issues versus litigating them, this is well-documented to be easier on children mentally and emotionally than when their parents end up arguing in court. Seek to mediate any issues that arise between you and your ex regarding custody and visitation if you can and only opt for litigation as a last resort. 

Use a Co-Parenting App to Communicate 


Co-parenting apps were perhaps one of the best things to happen to divorced or separated parents and if you’re not using one yet, you should be. A co-parenting app is a smartphone application designed specifically to facilitate the communication of separated parents. The app keeps a record of all messages and voice calls, and can also help you keep track of your timesharing schedule. 

Get Help from an Experienced Florida Divorce and Child Custody Lawyer 


If you’re considering separating from the other parent of your child, whether you’re married or not, it’s important that you discuss your circumstances with a seasoned Florida child custody lawyer as soon as possible. Your attorney works specifically for you to ensure the rights of you and your children are protected at all times. Contact Kevyn Noonan Hayes, P.A. today for more information by calling 239-591-6248. 



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