What Is Reasonable Visitation in a Child Custody Case?

Posted on : April 24, 2020

Splitting Parenting Time


When two parents separate, often as the result of divorce, any children they share typically split their parenting time. 


Florida courts have recognized the importance of a child maintaining their relationship with both parents, and will usually grant both parents shared parenting time, unless special circumstances exist.  

What Is Shared Parenting Time? 


Shared parenting time is designed for both parents to have an  equal or reasonable amount of time with their child, according to the child’s best interests. In most cases, the child benefits greatly emotionally, psychologically, and developmentally from having a meaningful parent-child relationship with each of their parents. 


In some cases, however, shared parenting time may not be reasonable at all. One parent’s work schedule may not allow for shared parenting time, or a parent may not even want equal parenting time. Other examples include if one parent struggles with alcoholism, a court may order limited or supervised visitation, or if the parent has a history of domestic violence or abuse, they are unlikely to be awarded time-sharing at all. 

How Does Shared Parenting Time Work? 


Ideally, you and your ex will come up with a time-sharing schedule that works for both of you, taking into account your work schedules and the child’s educational and extracurricular activities. You should plan ahead for holidays and special events, and build your proposed time sharing agreement on what will provide the most stability for your child. 

What If You Can’t Decide on Parenting Time?


If you and your ex aren’t able to reach an agreement about a time sharing plan that works for both of you, your parenting case becomes contested. When this happens, you may need to go to court where a judge will decide for you what reasonable parenting time looks like, taking into account the best interests of the children. 

When to Reach Out to a Naples Family Lawyer 


If you’re involved in a parenting or time-sharing dispute, don’t hesitate to get into contact with an experienced Florida custody attorney. Kevyn Noonan Hayes, P.A. is an experienced lawyer who can represent you on either side of the custody case. Call now for a consultation at 239-531-6248.

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